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Choosing To Be Safe

In a growing gun market, finding the right place to learn about firearm education and training might seem like an after thought, or possibly an impossible task. Whether its COVID fears, scheduling issues, ADA concerns, or being uncomfortable around other people, our private courses may be your cup of tea. If you're a social butterfly and like meeting folks that share similar interests, check out our NRA classes located in the Event section of the Homepage. These courses are open to all. No matter what needs you may have, we are here to help! 

At Stokes Family Firearm Safety, we’re committed to providing the highest quality training and certification programs in Southwest Virginia. Our programs focus on meeting CWP requirements, firearm education and safety, the importance and responsibilities of owning a firearm, and even introducing folks to competitive pistol shooting. If you are ready to learn about firearm safety, get in touch with us today!

Shooting Target
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