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Welcome to the Stokes Family Gun Safety website. A friendly and educational opportunity for you and your family to learn more about firearms and firearm safety.

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Committed to Being Safe and Having Fun

Growing up, I had very fond and vivid memories of going to the range with my family. My dad, who has since passed, would always lead our family outings to the range. I’ll never forget the excitement and the energy that my family and close friends would have in anticipation of our range trips. Even though my dad was always very strict when it came to firearm safety, he had a unique way of making it fun by creating small shooting challenges for us to enjoy. I never realized what impact this had on me until having a family of my own. My Dad’s gentle approach to firearm safety taught me how to respect, care, and properly use a firearm while having fun. Most importantly, having the ability to protect ones family and friends was his top priority. At Stokes Family Firearm Safety, I hope to share the same approach to firearms and firearm safety with you. Whether you’re familiar with firearms or just recently acquired one, SFFS is here to help with many of your firearm educational needs. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!


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